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Le travail au noir

Hiring under the table (French only)

Construction work or home renovations represent a major investment, and people, in an effort to save money, may be tempted to hire someone under the table... but the risk may be much higher than expected!

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Devis de sélection d'un gestionnaire

Hiring a building manager (French only)

You want to hire a building manager? What should you include in the call for tenders? Consult the sample job description, complete with detailed responsibilities, job requirements and selection criteria.

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Charte comptable standardisée

Standardised accounting charter (French only)

The RGCQ's standardized accounting charter is a financial document that is part of the elements required to calculate the Indice condo. This charter includes a guide for the maintenance fund and the contingency fund.

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Projet de loi 16 : Résumé des nouveautés en copropriété

Bill 16 : Summary of the condominium modifications (French only)

As a result of our efforts, the Government deposited Bill 16 on April 3rd, which includes numerous changes for condominiums. The RGCQ offers its members the following document with sumarizes the changes to come. 

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Les officiers d'assemblée

Assembly officers

This guide provides a summary of the different roles of assembly officers. Your declaration of co-ownership also provides some information to this effect. If there is a difference between the content of this document and your declaration of co-ownership, we invite you to contact one of our Info-gestion advisers.

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Sécurité incendie en copropriété

Fire safety in co-ownership (French only)

This guide addresses fire safety in co-ownership. It covers the subject of prevention, inspection of your fire safety system, emergency measures, evacuation plans, evacuation measures, and provides a checklist for each of these components. However, it does not replace your municipal fire safety laws. For this reason, we recommend that you contact a fire safety company and verify the compliance of your procedures with your municipality's fire department.

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Les copropriétés par phases

Co-ownership by phases (French only)

The Civil Code of Quebec (C.c.Q.) does not distinguish between traditional co-ownerships and co-ownerships by phases. This guide will help you deepen your knowledge of co-ownerships by phases defined by the method of concomitant declarations of co-ownership.

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Le Projet de loi 16 en un coup d’œil

Bill 16 : Overview of the main measures (French only)

Bill 16 was adopted on Thursday, December 5th 2019. Several new provisions will come into force on Janurary 10th, while others will begin to apply in a few years. This document provides a quick overview of the main measures of Bill 16.

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Guide de conservation des documents du registre d'un syndicat de copropriété

Establishing a Records Retention Schedule for a Syndicate of co-ownership (French only)

This guide will help you establish a Records Retention Schedule that will help you in the maintenance of your archives.

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Déclaration de revenus

Tax return (French only)

Like all other non-profit organisations, the Syndicate of co-ownership must submit certain financial documents.

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Modernisation de la législation dans le domaine de l'habitation

Modernization of housing legislation (French only)

Bill n°16 was adopted on December 5, 2019 by the National Assembly. This law, assented on December 11 2019, will improve the regulation of divided co-ownerships and establish a certification recognizing the qualifications of building inspectors. The implementation of these measures will take place over a period of one to three years. For more information, we invite you to download this brochure.

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Guide du nouveau copropriétaire

New co-owner's guide (French only)

Each year, just like you, several owners decide to purchase a condominium unit. This guide will help you understand the nuances between a life as an owner and a life as a co-owner.

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Rémunération des administrateurs d'un syndicat de copropriété

Remunerating the directors of a syndicate of co-ownership (French Only)

When you remunerate a director, you must determine whether you must make deductions and pay employer contributions to the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Québec. This guide will help you identify your obligations in this matter.

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Guide de numérisation et d'entreposage des documents numérique d'un syndicat de copropriété

Digitization and digital document storage for a syndicate of co-ownership (French only)

This guide was developed to present the best practices for digitization a registry of co-ownership in order to eliminate paper copies.

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Règlement sur la consultation du registre d'un syndicat de copropriété

By-law : consulting a syndicate of co-ownership's registry (French only)

This guide will allow you to identify the elements that you must consider when you create your by-law on the consultation of the syndicate's registry.

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