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More about Condoliaison

the reference magazine for co-ownership

For over 20 years, Condoliaison has been the reference publication on condominiums in Quebec. Our four annual editions address major condominium issues, and are an essential source of information for our subscribers.

With a print run of 12,000 copies and a digital version accessible to our 73,000 member co-owners, our magazine reaches a qualitative audience of decision-makers in the co-ownership field.

Whether you're a condominium owner, manager, administrator, elected official or professional, our magazine is there for you.

Consult the archives free of charge, or become a member for access to the most recent issues.

Please note that Condoliaison is published in French. Some articles however have been translated. You can find them on the page of each issue of the magazine. 

Recurring content

  • Management columns

  • Legal columns

  • Building columns

  • Special reports

  • Legislative analysis

  • Regional spotlight

  • RGCQ news

  • Portraits

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