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Our Privilèges Condo program

Que vous offre notre programme Privilèges Condo ?

Privilèges Condo. The benefits of living together!

The Regroupement des gestionnaires et copropriétaires du Québec is pleased to present its deals and discounts program: Privilèges Condo.

All condo owners who are members of  a syndicate of co-owners and the RGCQ receive a Privilèges Condo card or a certificate of membership, which entitles them to a range of discounts offered by more than 20 RGCQ partners  across Québec.

Present your Privilèges Condo card our certificate at any participating company to receive discounts of up to 90% on the listed price of various goods and services. It’s a great way to save on building management and maintenance costs! Please note that some of our partners use a discount code.

To learn more about our partners’ special offers and the purchasing procedures, click on the offers below.

Discounts and Privileges


Amerispa Up to 10% off

Auberge l'Ambassadeur

Auberge l'Ambassadeur 30% Bonus


Bétonel Up to 30% off

Bistro les Soeurs Grises

Bistro les Soeurs Grises 30% Bonus


Blaxton 30% Bonus

Bleu Lavande

Bleu Lavande 10$ Discount

Canyon Sainte-Anne

Canyon Sainte-Anne 30% Bonus

Choice Hotels

Choice Hotels Up to 15% off

Cook it

Cook it 30% Bonus

Discount location d'autos

Discount location d'autos Up to 15% off


EthanolDirect.net jusqu'à -10%

Gouverneur Hôtels

Gouverneur Hôtels Up to 18% off

Hôtels Fairmont

Hôtels Fairmont Up to 10% off

Hydro Solution

Hydro Solution Up to $100 off


Hydro-link Up to 12% off


IRIS Special price

La Comédie de Montréal

La Comédie de Montréal 30% Bonus

La Garde Partagée

La Garde Partagée 30% Bonus

Les Trois Chefs

Les Trois Chefs 10% off

Location d'outils Simplex

Location d'outils Simplex Up to 40%

Luminaires & Cie

Luminaires & Cie Up to 10% off

Nautilus Plus

Nautilus Plus Up to 15% off

Odyssée Aquatique

Odyssée Aquatique

Opéra de Montréal

Opéra de Montréal Up to 10% off

Otonom Solution

Otonom Solution Exclusive offer

Plancher bois franc 2000

Plancher bois franc 2000 Up to 8% off

Pot Masson

Pot Masson 30% Bonus

Rabais campus

Rabais campus Up to 90% off

RONA Major & Major Inc. / Montréal

RONA Major & Major Inc. / Montréal 30% Bonus


Skara 30% Bonus

Solution Condo

Solution Condo Up to 25% off

Strom spa nordique

Strom spa nordique Special price

Studio Express

Studio Express Special price

Théâtre du Rideau Vert

Théâtre du Rideau Vert Up to 10% off


Yuzu 30% Bonus