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Mission du Regroupement des gestionnaires et copropriétaires du Québec

The RGCQ promotes sound management and good governance in condominiums. It ensures that both the interests of co-owners and managers are respected, but also that building managers deliver services ethically. The maintenance and preservation of  buildings are its main purpose.

As spokesman for co-owners, directors and buidling managers, the RGCQ has always ensured a standardized management and administration of condominiums. This standardization allows to maintain the capital value of units.

Its structure is based on a concept of cooperatives. The RGCQ has three chapters : Montreal, Quebec City and Gatineau which are headead by a main office (RGCQ provincial), in which a board of directors has been elected. Composed of members belonging to each chapters, this council is responsible for coordinating joint events.

The RGCQ belongs to its members, contributes to the development of the environment in which they operate, is administered locally by officers nominated in good and due form, and provides a quality service.