Montreal - A word from the President Jan Towarnicki

Experienced building manager and director of the RGCQ since it's foundation in 1999.

During the previous years, my most significant realisations at the RGCQ have been to contribute to the elaboration of a course curriculum for the certificate programme in building management offered at McGill University as well as the training programme in Co-ownership management at cégep Saint-Laurent. I have also piloted the project to elaborate a standard in contingency fund surveys in parallel to the certification of experts by the RGCQ launched in February... Read more  

Members of the Board

Jan Towarnicki  President

Yves-Joli-Coeur-_U7A4172-Modifier-VERSION-BASSE-RESOLUTION-FORMAT-CARRE¦ü-FACEBOOK-LINKEDIN Me Yves Joli-Coeur  Secrétaire général

aline+desormeaux Aline Désormeaux   Treasurer

EliseBeauchesne-webRGCQ Élise Beauchesne Administrator

Nathalie Bégin-webRGCQ Nathalie Bégin   Administrator

André Bourassa  Administrator

Michael Chetboun  Administrator

André Delage    Administrator

m-jacques-girard2 Jacques Girard    Administrator

Patrick Hiriart   Administrator

David Ménassé    Administrator

Yves Papineau Me Yves Papineau    Administrator

François Taillefer    Administrator

Réjean Touchette    Administrator

Québec - gouvernance résume

Quebec - A Word from the President Michel Paradis

The region of Quebec is experiencing a conservative growth in the condominium sector, although the rate of construction has been stable year after year. After reaching a saturation point in the core area of Quebec city, condominiums are now growing throughout the suburbs.

The profile of co-owners reside in Québec is fairly homogeneous: they earn substantially the same salary and are on average 50 years old. Mostly from the Baby Boomer generation, these co-owners have traded their dwellings for condos. For them, the RGCQ-Québec represents an invaluable resource. As in Montreal and Gatineau, an increasing amount of co-owners are seeking to be better informed. Residing in a condominium building that is properly managed represent a great way to maintain one's access to property.

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Members of the Board

Me Michel Paradis President

Richard Thibodeau web Richard Thibaudeau Vice-president

Nicole Veillette Nicole Veillette Secretary

empty_imageVacant Position Treasurer

empty_image Louise Denis Administrator

martin-drolet-carre Martin Drolet Administrator

empty_image Vacant Position Administrator

empty_image Daniel Lafleur Administrator

empty_image Yvan Mailloux Administrator

clemence_robitaille Clémence Robitaille Administrator

empty_image Vacant Position Administrator

empty_image Gilles Savoie Administrator

Ghislaine-Thériault Ghislaine Thériault Administrator

Maryse Tremblay Administrator

Outaouais - gouvernance résume

Outaouais - A word from the President Jean-Pierre Bouchard


I think my profile corresponds to that of a typical co-owner. A decade ago, I was approaching the end my career of more than 30 years in the public sector. My suburban dwelling had grown too big. My interests in renovating my property and my obligations in maintaining the yard had dissolved. There was a growing desire for me to turn the key and travel without concern for my property. In short, I was becoming the ideal co-owner candidate. Like many others, we made the leap without truly knowing what a condominium was.

Over time, I became involved in my co-ownership. As a result of my syndicate's desire to convert to a self-managed property and my availability, I became my building's manager. It was at this time that I understood the complexities of managing a co-ownership. I began a quest for information on a variety of subjects, from the declaration of co-ownership to voting rights, from insurance settlements to the obligations of the syndicate. That's when I discovered the RGCQ.

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Members of the Board

IMG_2481Jean-Pierre Bouchard   President

Me Geneviève Dubreuil             Vice-president

empty_imageMichel Mancini Secretary

empty_imageGinette Normand-Aubry   Treasurer

empty_imageMireille Caron Administrator

empty_imageJacques De Rop Administrator

empty_imageMe Kristelle De Rop Administrator

empty_imageCharles Drolet Administrator

empty_imageRuth Labbé Administrator

empty_imageMe Richard LeBlanc Administrator

empty_imageJocelyne Ouellette Administrator

empty_imageMarcel Proulx Administrator

Our Team

0961d75 Laurent Emery General Manager

Diane Ménard Commercial Director

François Cellier - CondoliaisonFrançois Cellier Editor in chief Condoliaison  Magazine

unnamed---108x108Pascale Cousineau  Events and Marketing Coordinator

img-150 (160x160)Cynthia Longtin Member service Coordinator

AVallatAdrien Vallat Research and analysis Coordinator

Our advisors

jm_dubucJean-Marie Dubuc Info-management advisor

img-191Gilles Lemieux   Info-management advisor

img-194Gabriel Marcu   Info-management advisor