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Maria Bittichesu

Ms. Bittichesu is a member of the RGCQ's Info-management team of counsellors. She offers useful advice on a wide range of issues relating to the management of syndicates of co-ownership.

Ms. Bittichesu has more than twenty years' experience in residential co-ownership management as an administrator in residential and hotel syndicates of co-ownership.

A retired lawyer, Ms. Bittichesu spent her career as a lawyer and executive with Justice Canada until 2019. For nearly 10 years, she participated in and coached management co-development circles with public service executives and managers, to develop the soft skills and effective communication skills needed to better interact in management challenges.

Her experience as an administrator and co-ownership manager, as well as a lawyer and executive, make Ms. Bittichesu well-equipped to offer varied, practical and judicious advice to RGCQ members.


Some of the training courses given by Ms Bittichesu:

  • Frequently asked questions: the board of directors and its duties (with Hubert Miron)
  • Info-condo Webinar: What should you do if you're a new co-owner?
  • Communicating in co-ownership: best practices