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From construction defects to human drama...

Report "La facture" of November 28


For more than 10 years, the RGCQ has denounced the lack of supervision of construction sites in the area of co-ownership and the resulting consequences on the quality of construction. It took the tragedies of Faubourg Boisbriand, Saint-Jérôme and even Gatineau for the scale of the phenomenon to finally be recognized.

Radio-Canada will shed light on laxity in the construction industry during the broadcast of the next "La facture" report, this Tuesday, November 28 at 7:30 p.m.

Unlike what has been done in Ontario for years, there is still no mandatory and continuous monitoring of construction sites in Quebec. Beyond the economic consequences, human catastrophes are playing out on this legislative deficit, which has been denounced for many years.

Invited to speak in this program, the president of the RGCQ, Mr. Yves Joli-Cœur, shares his concerns and denounces the lack of consumer protection in the face of poor workmanship in co-ownership.

The disastrous situations in which co-owners who are victims of these poor constructions find themselves only add to the housing crisis that is shaking Quebec and require action as quickly as possible in order to preserve the quality of life in co-ownership.

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