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Speed-Condo : Common portions for restricted use

Parties communes à usage restreint - Common portions for restricted use

Don't miss out on this exceptional conference

For the first time in English, the RGCQ presents one of our most popular Speed-Condo training sessions: common portions for restricted use.

During this event, the participants will learn all there is to know about the replacement, maintenance and the financial responsibilities regarding windows, balconies and terraces. These portions are essential to the building’s integrity, yet, when they are connected to private units, they can only be accessed and enjoyed by the owners of these segments.

Several management issues and complexities arise with regards to the maintenance and replacement of common portions for restricted use. Who is accountable for their maintenance and replacement? Who pays for them? What can be done in case of negligence from the owners or the directors? All these questions and more will be answeredduring this must-attend training course!

For those who know French-speaking directors and co-owners, this training course will also be dispensed in French simultaneously in a neighbouring room.


Room 203, Centre St-Pierre
1212, Panet Street
Montreal H2L 2Y7
Beaudry Metro Station
Pay-parking on-site

Wednesday, March 15th 2017
6:30pm - 8:30pm

Member: 20$
Non-member: 60$