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Latest News Regarding Health and Safety Measures

Restez à l'affût des mesures sanitaires

Condominium Covid Update – February 2022

The information and recommendations provided by the RGCQ are general in nature. Their application must be adapted to the situation in your condominium. We invite you to regularly consult the instruct

ons issued by the various levels of government and to consult the appropriate professionals if necessary.
We invite administrators, co-owners and service providers to be flexible so that this episode takes place in the best conditions.

The best tool for administrators is effective communication, which shares useful information and protects confidential information about co-owners.
Gathering in private homes

Effective February 12, 2022, Public Health is lifting the capacity limit for gatherings. However, it is suggested to be limited to 10 people, or the occupants of 3 residences inside private homes. These rules also apply to tourist accommodation units.

Assemblies and meetings in person
Gatherings for face-to-face meetings are suspended. As of February 21, 2022, assemblies and meetings with a limit of 50% of capacity. Limit of 500 people.

Leisure and indoor sports
As of February 14, 2022, indoor sports and leisure activities are permitted, including extracurricular activities at the college and university level, with a maximum of 25 people per group. Opening of gyms, indoor golf facilities and climbing centers with a 50% capacity limit.

To find out more about health measures and to stay abreast of changes, please consult the Government of Quebec website.

You can also consult this summary document produced by the government.