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UpperBee (Rabais en ligne) Up to 10% off UpperBee Condo

UpperBee (Rabais en ligne)

The company

UpperBee is a web-based software service (saas) that facilitates the management of your syndicate of co-ownership with regards to accounting, record keeping and archives, communications and operational tasks in your building.

Upperbee offers you a private web intranet fully accessible online that will become the collective memory of your syndicate of co-ownership. This software service includes several easy-to-use modules and is only accessible to the co-owners of your building. These management tools allow co-owners who are in charge of the administration of their syndicate to offer quality management, regardless of their level of their prior knowledge.

The integration of the various modules within the UpperBee software cross reference the information used by more than one module. This removes the need for you to reenter the data repeatedly which results in a greatly accelerated management solution where a large part of the work is being done for you.

SolutionCondo.com has many advantages that will solve many of the problems that your syndicate has experienced.


The offer to all members of the R.G.C.Q.

UpperBee is happy to offer to members of the RGCQ a 10% discount on the regular price of their self-management software.

*This discount does not apply to licensed management firms.



Members must mention the code "RGCQ" upon their registration. Upon payment, members must present their certificate of membership to obtain the exclusive discount.



Visit: upper.com

For a free trial: https://app.upperbee.com/account/trial

Martin Savoie : 514-935-3390