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The company :

Studio Express offers an exclusive audio recording service for condo owners. Following your meeting, the syndicate of co-owners will receive a copy of the meeting's recording on CD as well as the transcript in text format. The audio recording can act as proof in case of a legal conflict amongst co-owners. The original recording is conserved by Studio Express so that they may attest that the recording is authentic in front of court.


What are the advantages ?

  • Your meeting is recorded with high quality digital equipment
  • You do not have to pick-up any material on site, we deliver all the equipment
  • A CD copy is provided to the syndicate of co-owners
  • Each participant receives a digital access code which allows them to download the audio recording online
  • You also receive a transcript in text format
  • The recording has a legal value and can be received in court in case of a legal conflict
  • Studio Express keeps the original recording in order to attest it's conformity in court
  • Seeing as your meeting is recorded, a more respectful climate reigns during discussions

Whether you are a group of 8, 28 or 2015 condo units, Studio Express offers a professional service at an affordable price.


The offer to all members of the R.G.C.Q.

Studio Express is happy to offer to all members of the Regroupement des gestionnaires et copropriétaires du Québec a standard meeting recording service, without a technician on site, at a special price of 399$ + txs (valued at 450$). This service includes the equipment installation and the production of a CD featuring the audio recording of your meeting.

Members of the Regroupement des gestionnaires et copropriétaires du Québec who wish for a technician to be on site will benefit from a preferential rate of 150$ (valued at 200$) for the first three hours. Each additional hour will be invoiced at the rate of 65$/hour (valued at 75$/h).

Members of the Regroupement des gestionnaires et copropriétaires du Québec will receive a written transcript of their meeting for a price of 65$/hour and the translation of this meeting for 65$/hour.



Members must mention the "Privilege condo" program when making their reservation. Upon delivery of the equipment, the members must present their proof of membership in order to obtain their exclusive rebate.


Reach us at

Phone : 514.951.1287

Fax : 450.677.1594

Email : denis@studioexp.ca