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SolutionCondo.com is an online software that facilitates your syndicate of co-ownership's management. SolutionCondo.com offers a private Intranet that is fully accessible online. This private Intranet, which regroups several simple to use modules, will be strictly accessible to your building's co-owners. These management tools allow co-owners who are in charge of their building's management to provide quality services regardless of their skill levels.

The built in modules of SolutionCondo.com allow the information to communicate across modules which eliminates the need for multiple data entry. This results in accelerated task management seeing as a great part of the work will be done for you.

SolutionCondo.com offers many advantages that will resolve several of your syndicate of co-ownership's problems.


The offer to all members of the R.G.C.Q.

SolutionCondo.com is happy to offer to members of the Regroupement des gestionnaires et copropriétaires du Québec a 25% discount on the regular price of their self-management software.



Members must mention the code "RGCQ" upon their reservation. During the payment, members must present their "Privilèges condo" card in order to obtain this exclusive rebate.



Please visit www.solutioncondo.com