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Nautilus Plus 75$ Discount

Nautilus Plus


The Nautilus Plus mission is to play an active role in the well-being of the population by doing everything in its power to improve your health and quality of life.  Simply offering quality services and products isn’t enough. We want to provide an accessible solution that makes it easier to eat healthily and exercise regularly. We offer our members the best possible conditions for training better and eating well. We listen to them, we understand their needs, and we support them in achieving their goals.  


The offer to all members of the R.G.C.Q.

Nautilus Plus introduces a new concept that gives co-owners who are members of the RGCQ even more motivation to working out. In addition to a $75 discount on the regular annual subscription, the new CORPORATE BOOMERANG Membership provides a credit that accumulates each time you train in one of our centers. That's right!! In addition to the $75 discount, you receive $1.20 for each daily participation in any of our branches.