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Light is the source of life! It creates shadows, creates ambiance and accentuates certain elements of a decor. It can be warm or cool, sometimes useful, sometimes decorative but always fascinating.

In our new facilities, everything has been orchestrated in order to make you live an experience, to make you feel the potential of our available products.

Luminaires & Cie has contributed to the success of thousands of illumination projects since 1986. Our client's satisfaction is dear to us and we do all that is in our power to obtain it. We have a vast selection of lamps available in stores but we can also accomplish all your desires by ordering more specialised products from our suppliers. Whether it is to add a decorative touch to your home, to shine some light on the renovations made to a room or to fully illuminate a new dwelling our company, you must address yourself to Luminaires & Cie. A highly diverse clientele visits us to realise their projects. Do like all those decorators, interior designers, renovators and home builders who do business with our team. Come and meet us!


The offer to all members of the R.G.C.Q.

Luminiaires & Cie is happy to offer to members of the Regroupement des gestionnaires et copropriétaires du Québec a 15% discount on regular priced products in stores or online at www.lampe.ca/en/, as well as a rebate of 20% on regular priced remplacement light bulbs (halogen, flu-compacts, neons, etc.).



Members must mention the code "RGCQ" when they make their reservations. When making their payment, members must present their proof of membership to obtain their discount.


Our Store

1946, boul. Le Corbusier

Laval (Québec) H7S 2K1

Téléphone : 450 688-0936