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Did you know your organization is a member of the IRIS Advantage Program? This entitles you to exclusive benefits that are combinable with your extended health plan. There is no cost to you, it is easy to register and you receive all the benefits IRIS offers like direct billing, interest free financing, and more.


Your Exclusive Advantage Offers


  • Prescription eyewear: Save $150* When you purchase any frame with fully coated prescription lenses (lenses valued at $250 or more) or prescription sunglasses.
  • Replace Prescription Lenses: Save $150* When you purchase a pair of fully coated progressive lenses for your current frames (lenses valued at $250 or more).
  • Contact Lenses: Save $50* When you purchase an annual supply of contact lenses.
  • Sun Protection: Save $50* When you purchase non prescription sunglasses valued at $100 or more.
  • Save $150 on customized Topology glasses.
  • Laser Correction: Save 250$* On Ultralasik and Blended Vision Surgery for both eyes (surgeries are performed by Ophthalmologists at our IRIS Ophthalmology Clinic in Laval (QC)).
  • Vision Correction Through Intraocular Lens Implants: Save 250$ per eye* (On vision correction through intraocular impants (exclusively offered on the Bio-Vue Liberty Plan or Liberty Utlra intraocular surgery. Surgeries are performed by Ophthalmologists at our IRIS Ophthalmology Clinic in Laval (QC)).

*These offers cannot be combined with other IRIS offers, Instant rebates, IRIS Cards, IRIS Certificates, or any other offer or in-store promotion. Not applicable on Safety glasses. Limit of one offer per transaction. Promotions cannot be applied to previous purchases. The offers do not apply to contact lens service contracts or professional services. The IRIS Advantage Benefits Program offer can be modified without notice. No offer from the IRIS Advantage Benefits Program is transferable. 

In addition, these benefits are added to and combined with your group insurance.



Register now in three quick steps and start receiving your Iris Advantage benefits today! 

1) Go to https://iris.ca/en/advantage

2) Click on I have my access code

3) Enter RGCQC as your access code and click submit

4) Complete the registration form online


Please note that you will have to provide proof of membership once you make your purchase.


Need help registering or accessing your benefits? Contact us at :

advantage@iris.ca or 1.800.363.6378