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Hyrdo Solution Up to $60 off

Hydro Solution


Why choose Hydro Solution?

Our teams are dedicated at 100% to what they know best : water heaters. Our team members are trained to offer a unique service referred to as tapis bleu provided by HydroSolution. This turnkey personalised approach is particularly appreciated by co-owners and their syndicate of co-ownership.


The HydroSolution water heater

Our water heaters have unique warranties that neither plumbers nor retail suppliers can match. 10 years against tank leaks, 6 years on the elements and the thermostat and 1 year on labour. The double layered tank walls made of glass and double heated magnesium oversized components effectively protect our water heaters against the corrosive effects of water.


Insurance with HydroSolution

Due to our maintenance program, many insurance companies recognise the quality of our water heaters. The fact that their installation is made by certified members of the CMMTQ validates the manufacturer's warranty.


Your choices with HydroSolution

The advantages of renting : There are no maintenance costs and no charges for parts and labour. No initial deposit is required, you have 12 equal monthly payments making it easier to budget and our services are offered 24h/7 at no cost.

Advantages of a purchase : Your water heater has a 10 year warranty program against leaks, a 6 year warranty for the elements and thermostat and a 1 year warranty on labour. A unique price with delivery and installation included.


The offer to all members of the R.G.C.Q.

Obtain a 60$* discount on a new rental or on the purchase of a 40 or 60 gallon residential water heater. To benefit from this offer, members of the RGCQ must mention that they are members of the association.


*Only on territories serviced by HydroSolution.  Cannot be combined to any other offer. If the contract covers the rental or purchase of multiple units, the discount may be greater. Contact a member of our team dedicated to the service of administrators and co-owners.


Toll free: 1 877-326-0606, ext 4228