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Bleu Lavande

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At Bleu Lavande, lavender essential oil is a daily source of inspiration. Their dedicated team is proud to share its many benefits with a unique range of body, therapeutic and home products.

Since 2004, the virtues of lavender essential oil are at the heart of each of their innovative formulas and their products meet the best ISO 3515 standard, a certification to guarantee quality and purity. The products are free of artificial perfume, sulphate and paraben. Proud of never having tested its products on animals, Bleu Lavande has also received in 2018 the official certification by PETA humane. Their products are available in more than 1,200 outlets across Canada, including most pharmacies and food market banners.



The offer to all members of the RGCQ

Bleu Lavande is pleased to offer co-owners members of the RGCQ a 10$ discount on all purchases of 65$ or more before taxes, excluding diffusers, gourmet products and existing promotions.



Members are invited to visit www.bleulavande.com to place their order online. At the payment stage, they will be able to enter their promotional code in the place indicated '' Gift card or promo code '' in order to obtain their discount.

To obtain your code, please contact the RGCQ.


Body care

Once integrated into your wellness rituals, the range of body care products will allow you to feel soothed from head to toe. Composed of active ingredients of the highest quality, the body care products offer moisturizing, nourishing and regenerating properties. The products are available in several fragrances, to choose according to the mood of the moment.

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Therapeutic care

The daily activties can sometimes offer their dose of stress. That is why it is crucial to use bady care products that can help soothe the body and mind. Discover all the products in the therapeutic range, such as essential oil ball applicators, and let yourself be charmed by the irresistible scent of lavender.


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Ambience and home products

Bleu Lavande is also a way of life where we prioritize well-being, by the decision to slow down and enjoy the present moment. Whether lighting a lavender candle or spraying water on bed linen before bedtime, ambiance products will create a peaceful and relaxing environment in the heart of your home.

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