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Akzo Nobel is a leader in Canada with regards to the decorative paint industry, is the biggest manufacturer, and worldwide it is of the most important societies in the chemical products industry. It offers a wide selection of products by the interval of its Canadian stores Bétonel-Dulux that include brands such as Bétonel, Dulux, Glidden, Devoe et Flood. It is also supplies un wide range of rust proofing paint and wood paints. Akzo Nobel Canada employs close to 1 700 employees, has 3 manufactures, counts 4 distribution centers and has more than 220 stores across Canada.

Akzo Nobel is devoted in supplying solutions and high quality products as well as its unmatched expertise in order to answer present and future clients. Their decorative paints enrich the lives of their clients and provide beauty to these client's surroundings. You may not realise it but every day, wherever you go, you can see the result of our work. This is a result of more people choosing our decorative paints and specialised products over the products offered by other distributors. From Hospitals to schools and even to your neighbours' home, our products are chosen by professional decorators, contractors and enthusiastic builders across Canada.




The offer to all members of the R.G.C.Q.

Bétonel is happy to offer to co-owners who are members of the Regroupement des gestionnaires et copropriétaires du Québec a 30% discount on all its paint products and a 20% rebate on accessories. This offer only applies in stores to regular priced items. This offer is valid Every day in every Bétonel store across Québec.



Your discount will be applied upon presentation of your RGCQ membership certificate.

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