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Alert levels and General Meetings

Paliers d’alerte et assemblées générales

Montreal, 2020-10-01- Recently, certain regions of Quebec have been placed under maximum alert to counter the spread of COVID-19.

These new measures have an impact on gatherings in public and private places. The season of General meetings is now in full swing and many Syndicates of co-ownership are catching up on meetings that have been postponed since Spring. So we asked the question what happens to co-ownerships now? The RGCQ has confirmed the status of this situation with the Ministry of Health and Social Services to give you the most precise information possible.

In the red zone

General meetings of co-owners and board meetins held in person are prohibited. All private gatherings are also prohibited. You can hold remote meetings by using the appropriate technological means.

Other restrictions apply in the red zone and we invite you to consult the details of the measures on the government site.

In other areas

The Ministry considers that general meetings of co-owners fall into the category of "Audience and hearings in a public place" which, to this day, still allows for certain forms of gatherings in rooms that are rented for the occasion when all sanitary and distancing instructions in force are being respected. However, due to current events, the RGCQ recommends holding virtual meetings, or meetings by proxy, or written resolutions, regardless of your alert level. In case of doubt, contact your local public health department.

You can consult the map of COVID-19 alert levels by region online as well as the Progressive regional alert and intervention system.