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Wearing a mask in co-ownership

Port du masque en copropriété

Montreal, July 17, 2020 - As of Saturday, wearing a mask will be mandatory in all enclosed public places to avoid the spread of COVID-19. This obligation does not apply to the common portions of residential buildings. Consequently, most syndicates of co-ownerships will not be affected.

The government's instructions state that the obligation to wear a mask applies in commercial buildings other than apartment buildings. We therefore acknowledge that residential syndicates of co-ownership are not subject to this obligation.

However, the government strongly recommends that people who circulate in the common areas of residential buildings apply the guidelines on wearing a mask.

What to do in mixed or commercial co-ownerships?

The situation is different when the co-ownership contains commercial units. These units are places that are open to the public. Their users and visitors should respect the instructions on wearing a mask. This means that they should wear masks in these situations outlined by the government.

Finally, it is important to remember that other health regulations such as hand washing, social distancing and limiting one's non-essential travel remain in force.