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A financing program for syndicates is now available

Programme de financement  pour syndicats du RGCQ

Above all, the program gives the syndicate the possibility to obtain the full amount required to move forward with its projects by offering a financing solution to its co-owners. This in turn allows the syndicate to fulfill its mission of preserving the building.

When building directors or co-ownership managers plan or already face a difficult financial situation, they can contact the RGCQ to request a case study. If your case meets the criteria, each co-owner will then be eligible for financing. They must then decide to abide or not to the program. Once the notice of assessment is issued, only the co-owners who have requested financing will receive the notice asking them to pay for their contribution. This noticed will be accompanied by a personalized form which will present several financing options and the repayment amounts specific to their case.

This program is of no cost to the Syndicate or the co-owners who do not apply for financing. Only those who decide to finance the amount of their contribution incur an additional cost, which translates into a rate of interest on the amount financed.

For more information, contact the RGCQ at info@rgcq.org or 514 916-7427, extension 106.