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COVID-19: Essential services in co-ownerships

COVID-19 : Services essentiels en copropriété

Montreal, March 24th 2020

The information and recommendations provided by the RGCQ are of a general nature. Their application must be adapted to the situation in your co-ownership. We invite you to regularly consult the instructions issued by the various levels of government and to consult the appropriate professionals when necessary.

Yesterday, the government of Quebec issued the closure of non-essential businesses and services starting on Wednesday March 25 at 12:01 a.m. until April 13, 2020. From the list established by the government, we present the consequences of these closures on life in co-ownerships.

Firstly, throughout the duration of these measures, the RGCQ’s team is working exclusively by telework. Our services and activities are therefore not affected by these closures.

Works and maintenance

Construction firms for emergency repairs or for security purposes, trades pertaining to emergency services (electricians and plumbers for example), housekeeping and firms related to building maintenance are amongst the essential services.

Only emergency and security work should take place in both common and private portions. With the exception to these situations, you should notify each of your co-owners that work undertaken by people outside the co-ownership is suspended until further notice.

In the event of an emergency intervention, do not forget to follow the health regulations in force. Ask the companies working with you what their health protocols are.

Housekeeping services are also essential in the current situation. They are therefore maintained.

Maintenance services refer to various equipment in the co-ownership, such as elevators, ventilation systems, swimming pools or alarm services.

We asked the government if the activities of building managers are included in the list of services related to building maintenance. We will post an update as soon as possible. You can also support this request by filling out this form.

Banking and insurance services

Financial and insurance activities are considered essential services. In this situation, the financial institutions (telephone, internet and ATM services) will therefore remain open. Automated payment services, such as Otonom Solution, are also maintained.

In addition, telephone insurance services are maintained. During this period, you will be able to talk to your broker or insurance agent, renew your insurance policies and make claims.

If you think you will not be able to complete your description of the private portions before June 13th, please speak with your broker or insurance agent to find out the policy of your insurer regarding this matter. We invite you to share with us the responses of your insurers at this address: assurances@rgcq.org.

Accounting services to prepare financial statements or for book keeping are also maintained.

Waste collection

Waste collection and management of residual materials are maintained. Make sure to regularly clean the handles of the waste chutes and the waste bins accessible to the co-owners.


Laundromats are considered essential services. If you have them in your building, you can schedule adapted hours, with regards to the use made by your co-owners, to comply with the health regulations in force.


Security agencies are seen as an essential service. We asked the government for clarification regarding the porters, and receptionists, whether or not they are employed by the syndicate or by a firm, in order to determine if they are also considered essential services in this situation.

Moving (relocation)

Moving services are maintained. Adapt your procedures to ensure that you comply with health regulations in effect at all times. Communicate by telephone, with the persons concerned, make sure that the board of directors and the co-owners are informed of the times of the move to avoid physical proximity during the events.

Legal services

Legal services are also considered essential. In case of any questions, we continue to offer our legal advice services to support you in your more complex procedures. Our partners are available to answer questions from our members. To consult the list of our partners and to request a legal consultation, follow this link.

If you have questions about an area of activity or a service that is not mentioned in this newsletter, you can fill out this government form. We also invite you to send us your question, we will follow up on our side and share the information.

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