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A word from the team

Since the last years, the RGCQ has played a key role in promoting building conservation and condominium management in Quebec.

Since its creation in 1999, the RGCQ has constantly emphasized the need for improved regulations pertaining to the field of co-ownerships. Since the creation of the Condominium Advisory Committee in 2012, the RGCQ has always spoken of the importance of a legislative reform in this area. After several years, we have a result that lives up to our expectations. Indeed, Bill 16 demonstrates that the collective voice of the co-owners has been heard. The RGCQ is proud to have been your representative on this case and will continue to defend your interests throughout the coming changes.

Among its other significant actions, the RGCQ has also developed a training program in partnership with the "École des sciences de la gestion" at UQAM aiming to provide more support to condominium managers. This training program is an advancement towards the professionalization of the management profession in Quebec.

It is also important to highlight our implications in the following areas:
-Bill 141 on the reform of condominium insurance
-Assistance on the regulation of tobacco and cannabis in co-ownerships
-Creation of exclusive tools such as the Indice Condo and the Tool Kit
-Partnership with La Fondation Le Support, Fondation de la déficience intellectuelle

And all this is just the beginning! Indeed, the RGCQ will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in the fall of 2019 and we invite you to stay tuned for the next innovations.