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Conference | improve the financial performance of your coownership

Condominiums have been grappling with inflation for several years. Between the rising cost of materials and the shortage of labor, maintaining and running your syndicate is much more expensive than it was a few years ago. Nevertheless, most syndicates can adopt good practices to optimize their finances.
This event will help attendees spend condo dollars better, including reviewing the costs of common areas. You will also learn how to better read the contracts that bind you with the condominium suppliers to better manage the costs and avoid unpleasant surprises. A conference will also be dedicated to the distribution of expenses between the co-owners, focusing on the most important and complex situations. Finally, we will explain how to choose the right suppliers, from choosing the bidders to developing a long-term relationship.
The knowledge and tools you will obtain by participating in this conference will allow you to save money in the short and long terms.


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Please note that this event is only offered in French.