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Sondage sur l'assurance des copropriétés

Many of you have noticed that the insurance market for syndicates of co-ownership is difficult. Premiums and deductibles charged by insurers are increasing and the number of claims is not decreasing. Insurance is an unavoidable budget item for syndicates. It is even sometimes difficult to renew one's insurance contract.

The RGCQ is working to improve accessibility to the insurance market for all syndicates. In order to find the most effective solutions and respond appropriately to the problems you encounter, we need to gather information on your situation and the state of the market. By participating in this survey, you will help us better understand your needs and the scope of the problems that need to be solved.

To answer the questions, you will need to know some information about the syndicate's insurance contracts and claims history. Allow for approximately 10 minutes to answer all questions. Please note this this survey is only available in French.

This questionnaire is intended for condominium administrators only.

Thank you for your participation.